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27 December 2011

One Step Closer

Just a simple entry.

Oh! 25th December 2011 saya telah dirisik oleh keluarga hubby ;) Malunya 
Even malam tu majlis risik yang ala qadar; tapi cukup sempurna. Alhamdulillah ya Allah.

11 December 2011

Marathon movie

Hye people ;) Selamat ketemu kembali. How's your weekend? Me? Biasa je la. Tak kemana pun. Marathon movie je. So macam nak review sikit. Here you go!

26th November, Hanging out for Twilight : Breaking Dawn Part 1 with Hubby, Fiqah, and Fiqah's cousin.
The story was really slow but after watching it, i cant wait for Breaking dawn Part 2. Cant wait to see Bella's new born baby; half wolf and half human? Idk

3rd December, Had a special date with Hubby watching Ombak Rindu. Sedih? Yes, sedih. Me nangis juga, tapi luckily time tu flu, so no one realise i'm crying. Termasuk Hubby. Malulah But still ada scene yang cuba menceriakan suasana. I should describe this movie in one word that is "PUAS". Reason? Sebab lama gila dah tunggu this movie to be released. At last!

9th December, Spend my day with Hubby watching Puss in Boots. Ok seriously, for cat lover, go for this movie. Yes, please. Puss is so damn cute cat. Such a good movie to watch with your friends and family.  Definitely recommended!