Sila tinggalkan jejak

24 October 2010

kisah hajat yang tertunai

just coming back around 8 from DP. goin' there to full-fill my wish. what? haha. sampai ramai dah tau ni. i mengidam nasi lemak ayam goreng. whooaa xnak macam-macam pulak anak tekak aku ni.
sampai-sampai kaunter, excited n sgt teruja

gadis chantek : bagi saya nasi lemak ayam goreng dua ye
gadis kaunter : maaf kak ayam goreng tinggal satu, part dada

duh! sentap

gadis chantek : xpe la. bg saya dua nasi lemak ayam rendang.
gadis kaunter : air kak?
gadis chantek : asam boy juice n laici soda
gadis kaunter : ok itu saja?
gadis chantek : dessert bagi chocolate cake wif ice cream.
gadis kaunter : yang itu dah habis kak.

duh! again!

gadis chantek : ok la. give me ice cream single scoop. (tak kan habis jugak kot)
gadis kaunter : ok. (tak habis ok)


perot yang lapar plus period pain. urrgh. but after facing my meal, yay wide smile (: tadaaaaa

after finishing our meal, me and go for a movie. RED.

know what? we both thought it was great. exceeded our expectations by far! really enjoyed it. must watch movie ok for u ols.



hye ols.weee hari yg segar. wangi. energetic! whooaa hari ni nak stori a bit bout my becomin' convocation day. cant wait havent pay the convo fees yet. got money got no time to pay. haih. itu yg orang kata "ada duet pon xguna kalau xda masa" hehe. maybe round tis week or next week am going to pay the fees. not so much lar. just hundred smtg.

semalam, do clean up my tidy room. then found smtg. know what! a F R A M E. actually, this cute frame is a present from my supervisor during my intern in TM mitc. Pn. Hafidza. cant wait to put a picture on it.

what else to say, today still got no plan where to go. but since last week mengidam nasi lemak ayam. muahahaha so tempting..feel like goin' out for nasi lemak ayam. siap kau!

23 October 2010

Doa kasih sayang


Ok. Post kali ni a bit ilmiah. Coz asek post something yang membabi buta. Feel like sharing with u guys. i wont say tt i it works 100%, it just an effort. some people say, usaha, doa dan tawakal. agree

My BFF gave me this doa. n i do practise it everyday after my solat. Actually it is a part from Al-Quran. Surah Al-Imran : 31

When u reach the part of "kul in kuntum ha fatta bi uni.." then try to imagine the face of your love one. then finish the rest of the doa.

Yang baik itu dari Allah, dan yang lemah itu dr kelemahan diri saya sendiri..


wallahualam bissawab


Duh! birthday is just around the corner. (7th November)and guest what guys. am not planning anything yet. arrgh. Dont have so much time to plan this and that. present? yesh! present. nothing cross on mind this time. any suggestion? its not so easy to think for men present.

planning for nike stuff..but not so afforable meh. urgh..RUNSING i've ask him before. what he expects for his coming b'day. he said "apa sayang bagi, semua b suka" then? urrghh bagi la hint siket.

Duh! i wish a perfect day for him on seven-eleven. planning for this one!

But..haha..$$$ am totally blur. what need to buy. rasa macam dah lama x bagi present for him. last bday also i miss coz masalah kejatuhan nilai mata wang ringgit. muahaha.

Hubby..ily so much.
am praying hard tt i will give u a perfect day on seven-eleven.

Cantik kan bday

17 October 2010

i dont know when till i come back again..

but now am back. haha. si gile. duh! looooong time without posting. missing my blog mucho. got nothing to do. waiting the clock turn to 12. SLEEP time. just few minutes more.

post tanpa motif. dont know lar what to share about. hmm.. since got nothing to share, let me share some of sis emma's big day. on her engagement. here the pnk lady.

i spend few day there helping 'em fer the preparation and so on. tak banyak. but at least dpt jugak membantu.

my best friend engaged. my best couzie getting engaged on 1/1/11. mmg musim engagement ke weh? haha. my turn? said : cukup duit, malam ni jugak kite kawen.
ye meh? i syg u lebih la.
here are some 'kepoyoan' during we're busying doin' the hantaran, sirih junjung etc.