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10 June 2010

result uitm : ramai yg stress

haha. why stress? not because of the result but because of the request to check the exam's result cannot be processed at this moment. The amount of traffic exceeds the website's configured capacity. more and more uitm's students got fedup to wait and to refresh the page just for checking their exam result. me as well. Nervous waiting the result, the system making me feel more nervous. haha. actually am not nervous at all. as fer this semester am only need to check my thesis result. hope my thesis advisor n examiner will give me a good grade. fer all my uitm's friends : wish u guys all the best! fer those who keep on waiting and keep on pushing the refresh button : keep it up guys. haha.

06 June 2010

29th April 2010 sha's engagement day

here are some of sha's picture during her big day. am happy fer her. my childhood besties oredi engaged.

when is my turn huh? haha. dont ask me such tt question lol. after sha's big day, i keep dreaming getting engaged n married. haha gatal meh. keep wondering my wedding theme colour. oo i want GOLD. havin' chit chat wif my matrix besties : egie. She want GOLD oso. same taste wif me la pulak. haha. berangan je lebih ni. btw am stealing sha's picture from her photographer fb. mr.sharidzuan salim. haha. jangan marah meh. she look soo gojez tt day. berseri semacam. CONGRATE sha. am soo happy fer u. pray fer me soon. haha