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19 May 2010

lalala kerja

am so confused. wether to go fer a permanent position with basic salary RM1.4k nego(relatively low fer degree holder) at melaka raya or goin' fer a management tranee program with fix RM1k allowance for 7months at batu berendam. if am goin' to melaka raya, i got transportation prob as the office situated quite far from my house n there's no public transport (i guest) haha. i do surf about tt company background. it such a stable companny but gain lots of bad comment from the ppl tt have been workin' there so far. my pet-sis once have been working there oso said

"my opinion is u go for bt berendam one coz mmg btol pon akak x rasa yg ct leh thn keje ****** tue..lorrr,, xpe even dia bg RM 1K, ati x skt keje kan..within tt 7mnths ct usaha jugaklarr cr keje lain"

now, feel like rejecting tt job offer but don't know what am goin' to say when tt co. call me then. urrgh. hope tt management tranee program so-called JIMEP program will give me lots of benefit in order fer getting better job offer then. BIG HOPE.

hey 16th of may : its my born day

last sunday is my bufday. but there's no cake or any celeb. so sad. haha. dont really mind actly. fer me, it is more than enough to hav 'someone' by my side on my bufday though there's no cake. am happy enough. Nak dijadikan cerita, on the 16th one of my wish finally fullfilled. am goin to a place where everyone flying their kites. located next to eye on malaysia melaka. near the seaside. am flying kites on a windy day (not so windy la tt day) sronok meh. feel like am only five year-old girl. haha. children fly colourful kites and ppl of all ages enjoy flying kites oso. am goin with my someone and his niece and nephew. there are lots of colourful kites in so many different design. damn cute. so ppl, in ur free time go there and fly a kite! sronok meh.

11 May 2010

throw away all the bitterness and anger

i know this hatred feeling will not lead me to something precious. but i hated every part of it. how long does it take for time to heal those so-called wounds. i just read something 'bout "after a storm there will be greatest calm" and something 'bout anger. how to control anger using traffic light formula.

RED is on the top, the most prominent spot because it is the most important signal. it means STOP! if there were no RED, we'd always be going. YELLOW which most people use as an excuse to speed up, actually means SLOW DOWN, use caution! THEN GREEN means go.

so if am angry and seeing RED i would think 'bout tt traffic light and STOP! haha cute rite the metaphor of a traffic light 'bout anger.

btw in this post am not goin to talk to much 'bout anger or even traffic light. peeps am gonna talk 'bout pinko. hey! who's pinko. i got pinko from a staff during my internship. i keep pinko but my kitty [so-called : oyen] grab it. now pinko belongs to oyen. grrr enjoy some photos of pinko and oyen.

10 May 2010

10th may 2010 : mom's birthday

HAPPY B'DAY MAK! "adik sayang sangat kat mak" mom's bday is today. a day after mother's day. counting fer mine next few days. haha. abaikan. we just got a mini celeb at home. but stil got a cake. from anwar. THANKS bro.nyamnyam a simple celeb but am wishing her great happiness and a joy tt never ends. mom already 50th. haha. may ALLAH bless you always mom! we always pray fer mom health safety n happiness.

finally i'm done : say hoo-and-ray

done what huh? haha finally i'm finish doing my thesis.its DONE guys! thanxs to all tt might help me alot. my parent. all my friends. my respective advisor : dr.jaaf (handsome enough plus single)tq so much. weee my lovely pet sis : diyana zahari who help me financially. tq so much! felt like a finished game. sgt sgt happy though i dont even know what grade i score fer tt thesis! whatever! as long as its done. say hoo-and-ray. muaaxx. pray fer me fer a good grade oke (:

so now am a full-time job hunter meh. klu ada vacancies kat company u ols guys roger la oke. am start bloging again fill up my boring day. so chill!

09 May 2010

love-and-hate relationship

i don't know. i don't know. and i just don't know. can 'someone' please take me out of this suck problem. i can't stand anymore. is there any hope?

i can't stand to face all of this all alone. i just want a happy relationship with 'someone' like before. "hey you bitch! could you stop ruining our relationship". realli don't know who i should trust. It realli drives me nuts and "hey you 'someone' could you please be gentle to me" is that all you called 'love'. aaarrgghhh!

now, all we do is argue and fight. is there any hope here? am really not happy and most times i cant stand being around all this love matter.

Am sorry guys. i know am venting here but i've no one here and no one to talk to. i love 'someone' and i don't want to lost 'someone'. but toward the end, i just get heartache. is it fair? 'someone' if you read this, please understand me -sight-