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05 August 2010

dont be like the stupid banana or ribhana or whatever

long time without posting..haha right now am start my part-time job at PISB at kota fesyen mitc. huh. its quite bz n am trained to be such a "multi-purpose" worker. at the same time keep on looking fer a better job tt suit me. n fer a better pay as well. haha.

my relationship wif my someone goes well n we're livin' happyly ever after (shrek) haha. prayin' hard to void the disaster of 'ribhana' again. i dont get her trick but so far i would frankly said tt she's such a person who love ruining ppl lives. n i would say "kee it up ribhana" the more u did, the more u'll get later. boooo BEST WOMAN WIN (:

its not a competition. tryin' to win smtg or what, its a principle. prayin' hard tt she would never ever come back in our life. praying hard fer her to be more 'bermaruah' after this. rather than look so 'cheap' forever. oopss hey loser! wave ur white flag!

fer whatever they talking behind my back, big UPS bitches

3 orang bisik-bisik:

Anonymous said...

hi baby! i love this post. and you are so brave. ;)

il ya na said...

cik kumbang : tq meh. haha. not so brave lah. its just a part of my hatred feeling for what they did to me since the beginning of this game.

Cik Michiko said...

hahaha . . dear . . what comes around goes around . . hehe . . just workaholic lantk je orang macm tuh ! ^^.