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10 August 2010

pet sis big day. nurdiyana zahari's engagement

last friday nite me and my someone goin' to Batu Gajah. attending my pet sis : diyana's engagement. pink theme colour. me too in pink kebaya. i dont ever know her theme colour is pink actually. just wearing tt kebaya. since tt is my 3rd time wearing tt kebaya. haha.

in her invitation, she stated tt : majlis ala qadar. but its not as ala qadar as she said. everything goin' smooth n its such a perfect day fer her. Alhamdulillah..everything goin' fine. Her fiance : cik kudin also come tt nite. fly from kota kinabalu to melaka. so sweet..

One word fer u sis : CONGRATULATION (: am so happy fer all my besties got engaged this year..wait fer me soon..woot woot..dudes, lets check out. some pictures tt nite.

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