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23 October 2010


Duh! birthday is just around the corner. (7th November)and guest what guys. am not planning anything yet. arrgh. Dont have so much time to plan this and that. present? yesh! present. nothing cross on mind this time. any suggestion? its not so easy to think for men present.

planning for nike stuff..but not so afforable meh. urgh..RUNSING i've ask him before. what he expects for his coming b'day. he said "apa sayang bagi, semua b suka" then? urrghh bagi la hint siket.

Duh! i wish a perfect day for him on seven-eleven. planning for this one!

But..haha..$$$ am totally blur. what need to buy. rasa macam dah lama x bagi present for him. last bday also i miss coz masalah kejatuhan nilai mata wang ringgit. muahaha.

Hubby..ily so much.
am praying hard tt i will give u a perfect day on seven-eleven.

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