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24 October 2010


hye ols.weee hari yg segar. wangi. energetic! whooaa hari ni nak stori a bit bout my becomin' convocation day. cant wait havent pay the convo fees yet. got money got no time to pay. haih. itu yg orang kata "ada duet pon xguna kalau xda masa" hehe. maybe round tis week or next week am going to pay the fees. not so much lar. just hundred smtg.

semalam, do clean up my tidy room. then found smtg. know what! a F R A M E. actually, this cute frame is a present from my supervisor during my intern in TM mitc. Pn. Hafidza. cant wait to put a picture on it.

what else to say, today still got no plan where to go. but since last week mengidam nasi lemak ayam. muahahaha so tempting..feel like goin' out for nasi lemak ayam. siap kau!

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