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03 July 2011

moment with friends

fuh fuh, **tiup-tiup blog berhabuk** hye readers, lama sangat rasanya tak update blog, tak ber-entri. kehidupan yang semakin mencabar tapi menyeronokkan. nothing much, just having so much fun with new friends, new colleague. Be nice to others, and people will be nice to you ;)

Last two week, had a great lunch with my dear friend Fasha and Zac! seriously, counting days for our next meeting. Bukan senang nak meet up bila semua have their own comitment. Work, family, lover etc.

Last week pulak,  naik Gentting. oh, tiba-tiba jadi gila lensa ok! haha. enjoy my day with Kak Fad and Kak Ji. Posing maut sekali!

and this week, i just having such a memorable day with my Sharodziansssss. A small gathering during Atie's wedding. **congrate Atie** even tak semua ada, but i enjoy the day meeting up old friends. Refreshing back our memories in school.

Thanks guys for spending time together. Nanti reunion lah!

 “True friends are like diamonds, precious and rare. False friends are like leaves, found everywhere.”

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syafeeqa said...

pergi genting :)

best nyerrrrr