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15 May 2011

the stages in relationship

morning my awesome people, hye and hye. wish u have a great sunday ;) 

normally from the first month and can last between three and six months of your relationship with someone, it such a good stage. i swear it is. knowing each other, talk through the phone all night long, sending sweet text every single moment. simply said, 100% in love. this is the stage people wish would last forever.

when you move on the next stage, to grow and develop the relationship. making a trademark between you and your partner. try to see the true colours of your partner.this is the right stage where u need to figure out is he or she the right person for you.

and the next stage is you are in a COMMITMENT. are you ready for a deep commitment? if not, you better stop in the stage second stage ;) unless you are almost guaranteed heartbreak. think wise, not think twice.

and NOW, is the stage where there is not so much joy. haha. it is the time which truly will test the couple’s love and most couples split myself, i think i work more on this stage where i do practice an amaze relationship-healing communication skill! BINGO!

and now is the stages of growth. once u reach this stage, you will not easily let the relationship end. this is on my own experience. no matter what happen, this is the hardest stage for you to leave each aother. i'm not bloughing, this is serious folks! you are bound each other. and i simply said, i'm in love, everyday ;)

4 orang bisik-bisik:

OKED chokelat said...

1st 3 month awesome...every day 'gayut'...talking...bla bla bla...then u getin bored with each other...'perang suda bermula'... i dont like ur way u dont like my way...everthing seem after 1 year..tadaaa....'perang2 lagi'...wait for 2nd year..tu pun kalau jodoh ade lagi...hehe.

p/s miss u dak ilan woi...

EZAN IDMA said...

dah smpai stage 2 , tp takleh teroskan lagi :)

fRaMe+LenSeS said...

terbaik perkongsian ni. terima kasih. ;D

Nadh suka dengan blog kamu, perkongsian kamu, Jum Nadh nk pomot, join contest Aku Ingin Berubah sahabat Nadh,,.

Mungkin kita leh sama-sama sampaikan message positive pada masyarakat dengan perkongsian dalam ni plak.. :D

misz athiqah said...

melalui stage 1 dgn baik walaupun adakalanyer goyah dan rasa cam terlalu rapuh..takut xdpt masuk stage 2..akhirnyer masuk stage 2 dgn lancar..hehe..awal2 goyah jugak sbb dah mula rasa more more sms2...lama2 ok..kini stage 3...pada tahun ke3...=)...

gembira xkan datang bgolek..kita kena berusaha keras untuk dptkannyer...=)