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06 November 2010

6.34 a.m fresh morning

hye peeps. assalammualaikum. i'm waking up early today. rising early. mornings, for me at least are the most productive time of day. feel like to do some writing in the morning when there are no distractions before i check my fb account or email as well.

"i rise with the luck"

ok let me start. thiis morning i would like to share with u guys what i watched yesterday. it is a talkshow. but give so much input as well. maybe some of u also do watch it yesterday, i only watched part of the show. but it seem so much beneficial for us and i tend to find it back online. n as i said, today i rise with the luck. wuwuw lucky me! i found tt clip.

[since the link i put didnt come up, then u should find it manually. go to n go for al-kuliyyah episode 44]

u guys must watch this clip. lots of input tt will help us to motivate ourselves or even to change our attitude. for me, i do like yesterday's topic i.e U B A T H A T I
since i do looking for tt around this couple of days.

lately, lots of problem surround me. i do hate lots of ppl who makes my life become up side down. but at the end, i feel like wasting my time with all the hatred feeling. i would say tt i prefer sleep all the day to realese my mad, my sadness and also my hatred feeling. but i dream lots of nonsense things. n i would say if out there sell a medicine for mad,sad and hatred, i will buy it! seriously! seriouly i'm looking for ubat hati.

alhamdulillah i found it. for those who actually feel the same, go n watch the episode. but sorry to say, the stream is totally low. i dont know what happen to tv3. supposely, after upgrading their online stream should be more faster than i expect, but it become more worst. urr but u need to sign in before watching. just sign up n sign in. its free dude.

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