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05 November 2010

LIFE as we know it

last saturday, me and went out for a movie. again! haha. we had 'life as we know it' starring by Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel make a charming couple with plenty of jokes. two single adults become caregivers to an orphaned girl when their mutual best friends die in an accident.

really loved this movie and was so glad i went to see it!i laughed unexpectedly. this movie was actually a lot better then i thought it would be. it has a lot of heart and humour in it from what would be a horrible situation to be in.

it tells the story 'bout Holly and Messer who meet on a blind date and it goes horribly wrong. they are both great friends of the couple who set 'em up n always seem to see each other through their friends events. when they find out their friends have passed away in a car accident, they are told tt their friends wanted 'em to take care of the baby if n'thing were to happen to 'em.

this is a shock to 'em but they decide to live together in their old house, so tt they grant the wishes of their friends. throughout the movie u see 'em, trying to raise the baby with often very funny results.

i am curious to see if n'thing like this would happen in my real life, with 2 friends who do not know each other well would raise a baby together for the sake of the child. overall it such a fun movie to watch and will probabli make u cry a bit wuuu so peeps, if u have such a free time, go for this movie. u'll be getting ur money's worth.

2 orang bisik-bisik:

broSENZA~ said...

cter ni bes tak weh?? ak tak tgk g,, huu~

il ya na said...

best la bro! rugi lau xtgok. wuwuw. mmg best. klako n romantic!