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13 November 2010


12.41 am already on my bed. feel like posting something before i left for two days. hehe. going for a holiday yay. destination? RAHSIA i will upload the photo then after coming back from my holiday. yay! sgt sgt tak sabar ok! cuti-cuti malaysia

just now i'm preparing the stuff that have to bring along. and my mom also help me. remind me this and that. seems like asking me to bring all the stuff in the cupboard. or else i bring the cupboard itself. for sure nothing left! hahaha

ok. few days without posting. i'm quite busy with my job. need to learn lots of new things. and guest what. i've been transfered from doing 'property and casualty policy' to 'motor policy'. so i've to start from zero.

actually main purpose of this post is...uploading photos during his bday last sunday. everything going smoothly! sgt sgt happy ok! firstly, i bring him to kak dila's house to collect my oredered cupcake. CHELSEA nak dijadikan cerita klimaks, tt morning she called me. know what? kak dila boleh pulak misdate for my order. she thought on 11th nov. OMG! but dah rezeki orang kata, siap jugak that cupcake dgn jaya nya petang tu! TQ kak dila. muax

then, jalan-jalan cari makan pulak. feel like eating ikan bakar. lagi pun, kitorang xpenah makan ikan bakar sama-sama. Macam mana la nak makan ketam ngan dia. haha tapi bila all the food served, makan tak pandang kiri kanan! people, memang satisfied sgt sgt ok! we took siakap,udang,sotong,ketam,nasi lemak and air buah! ONLY FIFTY RINGGIT. hubby pun satisfied. 100%. Mana tak nya, on the way home keep on saying "puas hati la..puas hati la" so i kindly suggest u guys go for ikan bakar in cristal bay at alai melaka. ALAA...KASSIM..nama kedai. I bet tt ikan bakar at Umbai is totally double the price. for those outside malacca, come and i bring u there. but treat me larrr heeeh. and not to forget, sorry to say, me and seriously tak sempat nak snap photo coz seronok sgt mkn-mkn.

but still have a few on that day yang poyo duk cakap dia handsome je

ini bukan sabotaj bday boy ok

no comment

dia happy. sekian terima kasih

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Nana Sanusi said...

;-) happy oliday, ilan. really miss u n fash ..even kite penah jmpe skali jep.. ;-)

il ya na said...

mish u too nana!

Nafardz said...

sweet cupcakes. camne siap leh wat logo ek? ade stamp die tok chop wat logo atas cake ke? *know nothing about cupcakes. hohooooho*

il ya na said...

idk la nana. but boleh mkn.. gula tau. print atas tu. tempah kat bakery. nk letak muka kita pon buleh. hehe

Nafardz said...