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19 May 2010

hey 16th of may : its my born day

last sunday is my bufday. but there's no cake or any celeb. so sad. haha. dont really mind actly. fer me, it is more than enough to hav 'someone' by my side on my bufday though there's no cake. am happy enough. Nak dijadikan cerita, on the 16th one of my wish finally fullfilled. am goin to a place where everyone flying their kites. located next to eye on malaysia melaka. near the seaside. am flying kites on a windy day (not so windy la tt day) sronok meh. feel like am only five year-old girl. haha. children fly colourful kites and ppl of all ages enjoy flying kites oso. am goin with my someone and his niece and nephew. there are lots of colourful kites in so many different design. damn cute. so ppl, in ur free time go there and fly a kite! sronok meh.

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