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19 May 2010

lalala kerja

am so confused. wether to go fer a permanent position with basic salary RM1.4k nego(relatively low fer degree holder) at melaka raya or goin' fer a management tranee program with fix RM1k allowance for 7months at batu berendam. if am goin' to melaka raya, i got transportation prob as the office situated quite far from my house n there's no public transport (i guest) haha. i do surf about tt company background. it such a stable companny but gain lots of bad comment from the ppl tt have been workin' there so far. my pet-sis once have been working there oso said

"my opinion is u go for bt berendam one coz mmg btol pon akak x rasa yg ct leh thn keje ****** tue..lorrr,, xpe even dia bg RM 1K, ati x skt keje kan..within tt 7mnths ct usaha jugaklarr cr keje lain"

now, feel like rejecting tt job offer but don't know what am goin' to say when tt co. call me then. urrgh. hope tt management tranee program so-called JIMEP program will give me lots of benefit in order fer getting better job offer then. BIG HOPE.

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Lelord said...

hehehehe join us to qatar

il ya na said...

i wish if i could hehehe