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11 May 2010

throw away all the bitterness and anger

i know this hatred feeling will not lead me to something precious. but i hated every part of it. how long does it take for time to heal those so-called wounds. i just read something 'bout "after a storm there will be greatest calm" and something 'bout anger. how to control anger using traffic light formula.

RED is on the top, the most prominent spot because it is the most important signal. it means STOP! if there were no RED, we'd always be going. YELLOW which most people use as an excuse to speed up, actually means SLOW DOWN, use caution! THEN GREEN means go.

so if am angry and seeing RED i would think 'bout tt traffic light and STOP! haha cute rite the metaphor of a traffic light 'bout anger.

btw in this post am not goin to talk to much 'bout anger or even traffic light. peeps am gonna talk 'bout pinko. hey! who's pinko. i got pinko from a staff during my internship. i keep pinko but my kitty [so-called : oyen] grab it. now pinko belongs to oyen. grrr enjoy some photos of pinko and oyen.

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