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09 May 2010

love-and-hate relationship

i don't know. i don't know. and i just don't know. can 'someone' please take me out of this suck problem. i can't stand anymore. is there any hope?

i can't stand to face all of this all alone. i just want a happy relationship with 'someone' like before. "hey you bitch! could you stop ruining our relationship". realli don't know who i should trust. It realli drives me nuts and "hey you 'someone' could you please be gentle to me" is that all you called 'love'. aaarrgghhh!

now, all we do is argue and fight. is there any hope here? am really not happy and most times i cant stand being around all this love matter.

Am sorry guys. i know am venting here but i've no one here and no one to talk to. i love 'someone' and i don't want to lost 'someone'. but toward the end, i just get heartache. is it fair? 'someone' if you read this, please understand me -sight-

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