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07 December 2010

along engagement - aku dan mortarboard

what a busy weekend. but alhamdulillah everything settled already. happy for my bro getting engaged and my convocation as well. future sister in law looked gorgeous in her pink dress. sempat la tumpang glamour kak long (:


my mom sarung cincin

hasil tangan saya 7 dulang

The next day is my day. my convocation day. i reached uitm a bit late. all graduates already marched and start moving into the hall. Luckily, the convocation crew did a very good job arranging the late comers like me (: tqvm. two thumbs up for u guys. very systematic. scrolling down peeps :

some a very good caption "aku dan mortarboard". Sekarang sudah jadi alumni uitm (:

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faDiLah Hani bAhTiHar said...

congratez da convo..even da wish kt fb..nk wish gk kt blog..hikhikhik~

Nafardz said...


il ya na said...

tq ila! cyg ila!
nana tq! xoxo