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15 December 2010

melaka wonderland (:

hye guys! just a short entry before ending up my day! flash back... last sunday, i joined hubby's company family day at Wonderland Melaka. ofismate do asked me. seronok ke tak? for me, of course lah seronok! its free meh! haha. no-lah. so far, i would say "ok larrrrr" but a bit hot. i'm suffering a bad sunburned right now. adil lah kot. after enjoying for one whole day, now i'm suffering for one whole week waiting for my skin recover. whatever it is, yang penting, i'm happy spending my day with him. at least i got some activities filling up my sunday. so as usual, perkara wajib. is...uploading some pictures. .....


ini gambar curi from hubby's friend hehe

i like this part!

view from atas

syiok berendam

Syiok kan? haha. lagi syiok kalau barang free. haha. for those yang nak pergi, u may go. ticket for adult rm26 if i'm not mistaken. ada lagii..

cik sexy


cik sexy : oooh tidak!

chubby tapi cute

ok sekian from ilanilyana untuk blogger. muax!

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