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07 February 2011

the green hornet a.k.a "the green bee"

hello and assalammualaikum. hey, hey people! ok i just having some fun watching 'the green hornet' this evening with teetttt. (of course my better-half) who else and please listen to me carefully. i would say that the movie is AWESOME! gosh! must watch movie ok! you wont regret spend your 10 bucks for the ticket. betul saya tak tipu. not to forget, i watched 2D not the 3D one. that cost me 10 bucks only ;)

ok a little bit review after watching it. “The Green Hornet” starring by Seth Rogen as the Hornet and with his so-called 'associate' ; Jay Chou as Kato. such a good chemistry between Rogen and Jay Chou.. and the sexy ; cameron diaz as the Hornet new secretary. i loved one part where :

Kato: I was born in Shanghai. You know Shanghai?
Britt Reid: Yeah, I love Japan.

Cant u imagine it? hahaha Shanghai in China lol! Britt heir his late father big media empire and can u ever imagine how he will manage his empire. Macam Paris Hilton la.

i loved the movie and i definitely suggest for watching by all ages especially for those who are hoping for a good laugh like me ;) dont just simply take my word. go for it and tell me how many star u'll give. i give 4.5 stars. i wont give 5 for sure

the best car ever!

Kato the brilliant mechanic! genius!

who is the Green Hornet?

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Masturacruz said...

Watch already, yea such a great movie ! Full of happiness =)

il ya na said...

yep2 full of laugh juga! suka sgt!